Monday, February 7, 2011

People Who Don't Tip The Pizza Guy

I worked 4.28 hours tonight, took 12 deliveries, drove 41 miles, and made $22 in tips.  I got 3 stiffs and I wanted to write about them.

  • Stiff #1 sent the kid to the door to pay.  This is common practice and allows the stiffer not to face the driver.  Pretty shameful if you ask me.

  • Stiff #2 was a surprise, the woman was very friendly and thankful on the phone, she was still friendly and thankful at the door, and she paid for a $26 order with $40 so she had the cash to tip with.  Thanks is nice but I'd rather have a tip.

  • Stiff #3 was a stupid 20-something ... I called to confirm the address when I was about 2 blocks away, then I passed a bicycle rider (on a very cold and snowy day) with a flashing red light.  The customer must have looked out the window because when I got to the door he remarked, "I thought you were riding a bike!"  At least his ignorance gave me a little amusement, but I'd still rather get a tip!

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