Monday, March 31, 2008

True To Form

Well my research led me to expect that, regardless if tips were good or not, most of my bad nights were due to a small number of deliveries on Mondays & Wednesdays. That proved to be the case tonight. I worked 4.5 hours, took 5 deliveries, drove 28 miles, and made $16 in tips.

Best tip of the night was $6 from an older man in the trailer park whose dog was climbing all over me. I stayed calm and tried to ignore it and I think it may have helped my tip. I was about to kick the stupid thing off the porch though!

One customer didn't have her credit card for me to get an impression of. She did have 2 small kids so I decided to trust her when she said she would have her boyfriend stop by the store to swipe the card. She wrote in a $3 tip.

An older lady complained on the phone that last time the pizzas were all shifted to one side of the box and messed up. I had her open the box when I got there to confirm that the pizzas still looked good, and they did. She paid $26 for her $25.57 order.

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Pizza Steve said...

Have you tried carrying dog biscuits with you on your deliveries?

When I delivered in Muncie, there were always a plethra of mean dogs in the yard I was always able to subdue all of them but one with dog biscuits.

Now that I'm delivering in a much smaller more country than suburbanite area, everyone has those stupid yappy designer dogs that need restrained at the door, but no one every bothers to restrain them, so they get out and pee all over your pants....the smaller dog biscuits seem to work well in the situation and then the owners go, "Aww, I didn't know you guys carried dog biscuits."

Normally get an extra buck or two out of it and a box only costs around $1.50