Monday, March 24, 2008

Back Under $2

Tips were down again tonight, back under $2 per delivery.

First, a story from Saturday that I forgot. I delivered to an apartment with a big barking dog. I greeted the dog with my usual, "Hey puppy dog." The older teen inside the door remarked "That ain't no puppy dog", as if he was going to be offended. Then as I left I heard him say "I'm gonna call him that now, puppy dog."

I drove 5 hours tonight, took 12 deliveries, made $22 in tips, and drove 43 miles. Of the dozen deliveries, I had 4 stiffs and 3 more $1 and change.

My final delivery was a stiff. It was late because when I started to take it, I noticed it was a new address and I called to confirm it. Well the people who answered the phone didn't order pizza. So we waited for the real customer to call back.

Finally, check out this story on CNN about Old Forge, PA, the Pizza Capital of the World!

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