Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back In The Saddle

I haven't worked in over a week due to having my kids, soccer meetings, and a failed date. We had intended to go to the KRock of the 90's concert (Ten (Pearl Jam tribute)/Hungerstrike (Temple of the Dog tribute)/Nevermind (Nirvana tribute)/Truage (Tool)/American Idiots (Green Day)) on Saturday at the House Of Blues but it was cancelled.

So tonight I went in early (3 PM) and got a solid 8 hours of driving in. I took 17 deliveries, drove 75 miles, and made $35 in tips. Not an awful night but you hope for a higher tip average in the bad weather.

I got stiffed 4 times and got $1 and change another 4 times.

At one house I had to trudge through knee deep snow, and at another, they lived in an upstairs apartment with outside steps. The steps were heaped with snow. I tried to go up but decided it was unsafe and called to have him come down to meet me. The guy came down barefoot and didn't tip.

I did deliver to the brother of the first driver (Rob) I worked with, 4 years ago. He doesn't drive anymore, hasn't for years, but I told his brother to say hi.

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MacGyver021 said...

good to see the bloggs should be flowing in smoothly from here on out... no more weekly vacations.