Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Night's All Right

I haven't worked a Friday night in ages, but since I was home all day with the kids off school for spring break, I scheduled myself for tonight.

And I'm glad. After a slow start, I ended up driving 8 hours, taking 19 deliveries, driving 63 miles, and making $49 in tips.

I had a few wierd things happen tonight. At one house, a cat came out the door and then actually took a swipe at my leg with it's paw as I walked back to my car. "Attack cat!" I exclaimed as I walked away.

Later on another driver called back and asked Nick what the price was on the order he was supposed to be delivering. He was "at the house" he said. I laughed when Nick said this because I had taken that order over the phone, and it wasn't to a house, it was to Taco Bell!

At one house, I rang the doorbell 5 times and called their phone, but still no one came to the door. Eventually I went back to the shop with the food. The customer called shortly after and I went back. There were no new cars, so I think they had been home the entire time. Their excuses were "the dog didn't even bark" and "we have a big addition out back."


Simon said...

Not bad for us too either kev. Today lunchtime I took a 15 pie order to our local rugby league club. I say local, but we were World Champions last year! The order was for all the players and had to paid for by James Graham (future superstar) as punishment for being late for training one day this week! Big orders always get a big discount but I'm sure he won't be late for training next week!

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