Monday, March 24, 2008

Pizza Pick'Em

The battle is on for the pizza, and once again, my kids are at the top of the list.

Out of 21 entrants, Nathan and Luke are tied for 1st with one other team (Mikes Vikes). All 3 of them got 36 of 48 picks correct during the first weekend of college basketball's spring spectacle. The top 7 entrants right now have 5 different teams as champion (Kansas, UCLA, Tennessee, North Carolina, & Texas) so it's certainly anybody's contest to win.

Nathan, last year's champion, has all 4 of his final 4 teams still alive (all 4 #1 seeds). Mike has 3 and Luke has just 2. BillyBalata, seasound, and Darin3 also have all 4 teams alive and are just 1 point back from the lead.

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