Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Welcome Back Felonious Dave

One of our former assistant managers, known as Felonious Dave, returned tonight. He's currently managing a Taco Bell but he's going to be working for us 1-2 nights each week to earn some extra cash. Dave's a good guy and I'm glad to see him again.

My first 3 deliveries tonight were to 3 different streets with the word Ridge in their name.

I took 9 deliveries in 5 hours, making $19 in tips while driving 32 miles. Second to last driver Todd went home around 10 but I only had 1 run after that.

I didn't get to leave until around 12:30 as Nick was trying to re-hang some vent covers in the kitchen and the screws and nuts weren't the same matching size. Felonious Dave is considering buying a pizza franchise. Nick and I had a nice discussion on how much profit potential there might be in a pizzeria and what sort of business we might open if we did have 1/2 million in cash.

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