Monday, December 31, 2007

I Work For MONEY!

On my 2nd delivery tonight, the customer handed me $22 for his $21.69 order. It was a neighborhood where I was not surprised to get stiffed.

Then as I turned and was walking away, he called out, "Excuse me" and handed me 4 quarters, saying "Buy yourself a pop or a coffee or something."

I appreciate the tip (even the $1.31 tip) but I've got 7 kids and I'm not out here working so that I can buy myself an overpriced 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew!

More appreciated was my 4th customer. She paid by credit card and handed me $2 as a tip. She then asked "Is that an ok tip?"

"Sure, two dollars is my average tip," I told her honestly.

"Well here," she said, adding another dollar. It was kind of far out, mileage wise.

I had 2 really good tips tonight ($8 and $6) in a row. But that was really about the extent of my good fortune as I took 12 deliveries in all, working 5 1/2 hours, and made $31 in tips. So my other 10 deliveries tipped just $17 in total.

I had no doubles all night, and I had 4 rather far deliveries, in a row, in the same direction, so my mileage was pretty high. I drove 63 miles, or an average of over 5 miles per run.

Tomorrow night is New Years' Eve. People think it's a great night for delivering pizza but it really only gets good late, and we're supposed to close at 11. Still I'm hoping for an above-average night, and it will definitely be better than my average Monday.


yroseb said...

I dont want to offend you but I think that delivery people or people that are working in a position that tips are given should be happy for anything they get given the fact that tips are not required. It is up to the customer to tip or not tip and if I give $2 or $8 I would think you should be happy as when calling for my pizza I am not told that if I dont tip I dont get the pizza so like I said it is not required.

KevinL said...

I'm sorry you feel that way. I am responding to let you know that I read this comment but I am not going to try to educate you on tipping etiquette. There are plenty of websites out there for that, and that's not the purpose of my website.