Saturday, December 1, 2007


I had a pretty decent night tonight. I took 16 deliveries and only 2 stiff. Some teenage boys thought it was funny to count out 35 pennies but then they had the total wrong and owed me $25.59 (not $25.35 that they thought). Still, they (intentionally or not) tried to short me $1 but I counted their cash before I gave them their food.

The other stiff was also some high school boys who paid $20 for their $19.57 order.

On the other hand, I did have 4 tips of $4 or more, including a run of $5 - $4 - $2 - $5. I made $16 in those 4 deliveries. It's stretches like that that can really make or break your night.

I would have made more money but our business totally died shortly after 11 PM. I seriously don't think the phone rang once after 11:30.

For the night, I worked 7.5 hours, drove 58 miles on 16 deliveries, and made $39 in tips.

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MacGyver021 said...

kevin, i require more in depth coverage of the nights events... for gosh darn sakes