Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Customer Interactions

Tonight started off decent, I had $10 in tips in my first 2 hours. Unfortunately I only made $4 in the next 3 hours. Totals for 5 hours were 9 deliveries, $14 in tips, 35 miles.

When I arrived at my next to last delivery, there was a woman maybe in here late 40's standing by the front door smoking a cigarette. We had the following conversation:

Woman (yelling back into the house): "There's a man here"

Woman (to me): "What do you have?"

Me: "Pizza."

Woman: "Are you going to give it to me?"

Me: "Are you going to give me the money?"

Woman: "No."

Me: "Then I can just go home"

Woman (to younger girl, early 20's): "He won't give me the pizza."

Me: "No money, no food."

Woman (as her daughter handed me the money): "Don't order from these guys anymore."

Woman (to me): "The other guys give me the pizza first."

Me: "Good for them."

Woman: "You're talking yourself out of a tip"

Me: (silence) . . . "Thanks" (as her daughter handed me a single $1 back as a tip.)

My next delivery was just about as bad. It was to a very nice apartment complex. I rang the buzzer and a man in his early 20's came down to the door and gave me $25.60 for his $25.58 order.

"Sorry about no tip tonight" he said as I counted the money.

"I guess I'm sorry too, huh" was my reply.


Rosie said...

Seems like you've been getting stiffed on a lot of tips lately, Kevin! It amazes me how people don't get that the drivers make their money off tips.

VictoriaL said...

Maybe it's a sign from above that you should try Marco's. Their pizza is tasty.