Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday (2 nights)

I turned 40 on the 8th. This encompassed 2 shifts, the last hour of Friday night, as well as Saturday night. Both nights were pretty slow, business-wise.

Friday I worked 7 hours, took 13 deliveries, drove 48 miles, and made $29 in tips. Saturday I worked just 3 hours, took 5 deliveries, drove 22 miles, and made $13.

One of the highlights of Friday was recognizing a customer by voice. Mrs. Washington, who ironically lives in an apartment on Washington Avenue. She's an older lady who lives alone. She always pays with exact change and then adds a $2 tip.

Saturday I was scheduled to work longer but my kids soccer team (which I coach) had our game moved to 7:30 PM. Thanks to Felonious Dave for covering for me until I could get in (around 9:30 PM).

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MacGyver021 said...

dave or aka Taco Bell... ah ha.

kevin, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mr. Landis, happy birthday to you... and another piece of cake