Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

. . . and all the mom's were too tired to cook from shopping all day. I took 18 deliveries in 6 hours tonight!

My first delivery was unique. The woman wanted to "inspect the pizza" before she paid. She opened the box and even picked up a piece of pizza to make sure the bottom wasn't burnt! I've never seen anything like that before. And then she didn't tip, other than the coin change.
My only stiff of the night was to room 7 at the local Howard Johnsons.

My 2nd trip was a 4-bagger that netted me $12 in tips! I also took a triple and 2 doubles, before ending my night with 6 consecutive singles.

I didn't expect us to be as busy or tips to be as good as they were, I expected everyone to be in a depressed mood since our Cleveland Browns lost today.

I drove 63 miles and made $46 in tips. I had 3 tips over $4 but none over $4.75.

Our shop closes early (7 PM) on Christmas eve and we're closed on Christmas. I'm now off until Friday, December 28th so Merry Christmas to all my readers.

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Simon said...

Amd a merry Christmas to you and yours too!