Monday, August 20, 2007


I worked 5 1/2 hours tonight, took 9 deliveries, and made $19 in tips. We were super slow up until the time when Josue went home. I actually took 4 deliveries in the last hour. Big thanks to manager Nick for doing pretty much all of the dishes while I was out on the road.

The story of the night was one of my final-hour deliveries. The house was very much lit up (inside and on the porch) so I was a little surprised that no one answered my knock. I waited several seconds and then rang the bell. (I try not to ring the bell late at night as I never know who might have young kids sleeping in the house.)

Eventually a juvenile who looked to be of Indian descent came and opened the door. He then ran up the stairs, calling out to someone. Then back down and to a back room of the house, saying something that sounded like "Yahbah." What followed was a several minute conversation between the boy and an adult male, with the boy repeating "Yahbah" interspersed with "C'mon, don't be like that" and "I don't know where he is."

Meanwhile the adult was saying "I didn't order it", "Cancel it", and "I'll throw it in the garbage."

Eventually the youth came to the door with the money. He took all of the cash change, leaving me with just 42 cents, hardly a tip.

It's very frustrating to have people waste my time like that!

I told Nick when I returned that I thought "Yahbah" probably meant "The pizza man is on the porch, now, give me the money."

But when I looked it up in WordAnywhere, a Hindi-English translator, the closest word it could find was yaab which means a pony or a small horse!

Other than that house and also my last delivery which put a 69-cent tip on a $11.31 credit card order, the other 7 deliveries all tipped at least $2 each.

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