Monday, August 13, 2007

Hold Your Breath

Tonight was a short night for me. I went in around 5:45 and came home at 8:15. We weren't too busy and management is trying to keep the labor numbers low. I had 7 deliveries (plus a rerun) for 30 miles, $19 in tips. So my hourly rate was pretty decent.

The highlight (lowlight?) of the night was a delivery to the "newspaper lady." This older woman has the driver come in through the garage and pick up (usually several days worth) the newspapers on the step.

Well today she didn't meet me at the door but hollered for me to come in. She had ordered a small pizza, salad, and 2-liter. I almost gagged as I walked in because of the foul unclean odor!

She usually tips 50 cents on the order but today she didn't have her change available (she said she had just got out of the hospital) so she actually gave me a whole dollar extra.

Unfortunately whoever made the salad didn't include any dressing. She called back later to ask for her dressing, some napkins, and a plastic fork.

I almost gagged again.

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VictoriaL said...

It must be incredibly foul if you can smell it.