Saturday, August 18, 2007

Who Needs It More?

I had a very frustrating night tonight.

It actually started ok, all things considered. The Hyundai is still in the shop so I have been driving the Taurus. Well we had the front brakes fixed several months ago but left the rear brakes at that time. Over the past month, the brakes have been getting softer and softer and I was really concerned, so much that I was considering driving our 3rd vehicle, a 1987 GMC Vandura.

Luckily, though, we were able to get the Taurus in for a brake job this afternoon. We took it to the local Tuffy shop. The total cost was $500 but luckily again, they give a 10% AAA discount!

On to the pizza deliveries. My night was ruined on my 4th delivery. The total check was $32.06. I went to the door and when the customer asked how much, I told him. He gave me $32 (1 x $20, 2 x $5, 2 x $2) and then went back into his house to get change. He came back with a $5, saying he didn't really want to break it.

I counted him back 4 $1's and he stood there, waiting for more. I reached into my pocket, let him know that I was out of coin change, and handed him back another $1.

He still owed my 6 cents but I wasn't going to waste any more time.

But no, he said "Hang on, I have some more coming back." He said he gave me $37, and I agreed and told him that I gave him $5 back and the bill was $32.06. He tried to argue some more, and ended up saying "I guess you need it more than I do."

I let him know that he still owed me 6 cents but it wasn't worth my time, and walked away.

I had 4 other stiffs on the night, a total of 5 in just 17 deliveries. An awful ratio. Totals for the night were 7.5 hours, 17 deliveries, $30 in tips, and 76 miles.

I started with a full tank and gassed up at the end of the night for 3.85 gallons, so I was getting exactly 20 MPG. I guess that's decent for such a big car, but I really hope I can get my Hyundai back soon.

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midnightcowboy said...

How would you like to deliver pizza in this guy?