Sunday, August 5, 2007


I was the beneficiary tonight of a strange phenomena I'll call "double-tipping." Here's what happened:

I took a delivery that was paid by credit card. A man met me at the door with a handful of cash. I told him that the pizza was on a credit card and I just needed the form filled out (tip, total and signature). The man handed me $3 cash as a tip and took the form, on my mini-clipboard, inside for someone else to sign. The other person put a $2 credit card tip on the form. So all in all I made $5 at that house.

A very interesting delivery was my 2nd run to a low income, government subsidized housing high-rise. I had to take the elevator up to the 13th floor. There were 2 women waiting for the elevator with me. One said to the other "I'm not paying $8 for a plant unless it grows back on it's own if it dies!"

Another man walked up and joined us, waiting. He asked me if we had any specials, and I told him about our deals. He then said he really shouldn't eat pizza. He lifted up his shirt, revealing his chest and about an 8 inch scar from open-heart surgery.

Favorite delivery of the night was to Bryan on 3rd street. He's a great tipper, and a friend of ex-driver Steve. Well tonight Steve was there sitting in the yard, so I got to catch up with him for a few minutes.

One final story from tonight, a dine in customer told waitress Jeanette that I looked like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. I've probably been told 15-20 times in my life that I resemble Tom Hanks.


Kristi said...

well landis, i think that Tom Hanks is cute lol

Edward said...

Quick couple of questions for you;

1. Your stats show $12-15 per hour earnings. Is that before or after gas and maintenance?

2. Most insurance companies do not cover vehicles used for delivery. Were you aware of that, and are you covered?

KevinL said...


1) The $/hour is before any expenses. I realize this is inexact, but the amount of free food I eat per night probably covers my gas.

2) Any driver should review their own insurance policy to ensure that they are covered.

TopEarner said...

If you're a pizza delivery guy, you must checkout this song by "The Apostles of Vice" called "Pizza Man Junkie"....

Have a Nice Day !!!