Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tipping & Travelling

I'm traveling for my day-job this week and I thought, since I can't write about delivering pizza, I would write about tipping.

Monday Lunch - we stopped at Quiznos. For myself, my wife, stepdaughter, and baby George, our total bill was a little over $25. I put $1 and the coin change in their tip-cup. I really don't like tip cups in places like that, but I will give them something.

Monday Hotel - we're staying at the Atlantic City Hilton all week. I have a huge suitcase of clothes (I pack like a girl). My wife brought not as many clothes but she brought a cooler of food, 2 beach umbrellas, lawn chairs, and of course beach toys for George. All this stuff got loaded onto a bell-cart and the bellman brought it up to our room. I gave him $10.

Monday Dinner - we ate at Corky's Ribs & BBQ. We had separate checks so I could charge my meal to my corporate card. I got the full slab of ribs and my check was $26.75. I added a $5 tip on my card. Wife and daughter's check came up to $29.96. I paid with 2 $20's. The stupid waitress brought me back a $10. How was I supposed to tip with that? I made her make change and I left her another $5.

Tuesday Hotel - we had to switch rooms on Tuesday because the room we got on Monday didn't have the right number of beds. I paid the bellman another $5 to help move our stuff from the 6th floor to the 9th floor. Also, we leave $5 for the maids each day.

Tuesday Snack - Tuesday night while walking on the boardwalk to the Tropicana Casino to play poker, I got a single slice of pizza for $2.60. Another tip cup, this time they just got the coin change.

Casino Tipping - While playing low limit ($2/$4 or $3/$6) Texas Hold 'Em, my wife and I each tip the dealer $1 for each hand that we win.

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