Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bad At Tipping, Bad At Math

This girl tonight had a credit card order for $19.57. She wrote in a tip of $0.48 and then totaled it up to $20.00. Obviously it was her intent to get the total to an even dollar amount, but not only was she a horrible tipper but she was also bad at math, as her tip as written would have put the total at $20.05.

My 2 biggest tips of the night were both surprises, both $5 and change. The first was on a $19.57 order to the Super 8 motel, the guys in the room had been fishing all day. The second was even more surprising, on a $14.69 order to the 200 block of 8th Street.

I also had a girl who was very impressed with herself for using the online ordering. She tipped $4.00 on a $20.57 order so I was excited for her too!

Totals for the night were 16 deliveries, 66 miles, $36 in tips, in 7.5 hours of driving.

It was also kind of an old-home night. I saw 2 ex-employees and talked with another on the phone. Ex-manager Josh stopped in and visited for a few minutes. Ex-driver Tim (known then as "Little Tim" but much bigger now) ordered 2 calzones, and I took the delivery to him. And ex-waitress Katie (and ex-driver Amy) called on the phone to see who was working. They said they might stop in but they never did.

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