Monday, June 30, 2014

Late For Work

I hate being late for anything, and I had to be late for work tonight.

Long story short, we bought a forclosure and are remodeling it.  I had some help to finish a difficult task tonight on the roof and we were almost done.  My expert help wasn't available again for another week.  So I stayed a little extra to try to finish, before calling in reinforcements.  I ended up getting to work about 40 minutes after my scheduled time.

The computer was aware and required manager approval before I clocked in!

My night was pretty unremarkable, except that I took my first 4-bagger at the new store.  $10 total in tips on that trip.

For the night I worked 6.86 hours, took 15 runs, drove 70 miles, and earned $43 in tips.

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