Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Tale Of Two Cities

What an interesting night!  Our shop is on the border of 2 cities.  In comparison, one is very low-income with apartments, duplexes, and older homes.  The other city has a higher average income and has many newly-built homes.

Tonight I had 7 deliveries to the "wealthy" city, collecting $23 in tips, an average of slightly over $3.  The range was $2-$5.

I had 3 deliveries to the "lower-income" city, collecting $10 in tips, also an average of slightly over $3.  This was skewed because one of these tips was to a co-worker and fellow driver who tipped a very generous $6 on her $27 order.

I also had 2 hotel deliveries that tipped a total of $10 ($6 and $4) and one business delivery ($167 in pizza) that tipped $10.  This was 15 large pizzas, and I got to use our store's special (box-shaped) bags that have built in racks and hold 10 pizzas each!

All together my totals were 13 deliveries in 9.48 hours, $54 in tips and 73 miles driven.  The mileage was higher and the delivery count lower due to the large number of single trips to the far corner of the "wealthy" city.

It was the best night I've had so far!

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