Saturday, July 5, 2014

What Do Blake Shelton, Independence Day, and Pizza Hut Have In Common?

... find out below.

I worked 4-1 tonight but the first 6 hours were pretty much a waste.  The store was dead, as in, everybody was cooking out and no one was ordering pizzas.  I took 3 deliveries during those 6 hours and did allot of cleaning.

Who orders pizza on July 4th?  People who live in apartments, apparently, and don't have a place to cook out.  My first 3 deliveries were to apartments.

Now there was a flier on the wall proclaiming that this would be one of the busiest days of the year and very few request-offs would be honored.  I took the flier down and showed Manager Meredith and she snatched it out of my hands before I could show anyone else!

Once tonight when surprisingly the phone rang, the customer asked, "Do you have the deal Blake Shelton talks about on TV?"  Now I almost never watch TV so of course I had no idea.  I mentioned our Big Meal Deal and the customer seemed to think maybe that was it.  I searched when I got home and all I found was a Blake Shelton commercial for new Barbecue pizzas.

One more amusing thing, I had a delivery to the Motel 6 and a drunk guy in the parking lot asked where they should go to find a dance club.  I had to tell him I had no idea (which is the truth).

Totals for the night were 8.96 hours, 9 deliveries, 45 miles (keeping that 5 mile per delivery average), and $27 in tips.

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