Saturday, July 12, 2014


I had an interesting phenomena happen twice in my first 4 deliveries tonight.  The customer pays by credit card, pays a cash tip, and then writes the tip amount on the line and adds the new total.  Newsflash, the tip line on the credit card slip is for credit card tips.  If you write an amount there (and you should) it will be added to your total.

Other interesting things ... one lady cancelled her order because she thought the price should have been lower.  We did just raise our prices, but she ordered online so she should have known her total before placing the order.

Finally (or almost finally), there are 2 motels in our delivery area.  BOTH front desks placed orders tonight within 5 minutes of each other.  Motel 6 ($2.91) tips better than Days Inn ($1.16).

Totals for me were 10.05 hours, 19 deliveries, $54 in tips, and 82 miles driven.

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