Monday, July 7, 2014

Coin Change

Pizza drivers typically do not carry (or concern themselves with) coin change.  If someone actually wants their coin change back it is simpler to just give them $1 and take the loss, than to spend the time digging in your pockets for the exact change (which has probably fallen into the seat of your car several times by now).

I bring this up tonight because I had 3 customers give me the exact (or within a penny) coin change tonight so that my tip was an even dollar amount.  For example, my first customer owed $31.09.  They paid $31.10 and another $4, so that my tip was $4 (and a penny).  I appreciate it but really $3.91 is really just as good.

When this is NOT appreciated is when the customer pays the exact change without a tip.  Our delivery charge is $2.59 and most of our menu items are priced in even dollar amounts, so I do collect an extra $0.41 on most cash deliveries (by not carrying coin change).  But I had a customer pay $15.60 for their $15.59 order tonight.  Really crummy.

The laugh of the night came from a female customer placing an order over the phone.  She was paying by credit card and started reading me the card numbers over the phone.  She started with 4 numbers, then proceeded on to start giving me letters!  I stopped her, saying that credit cards don't have letters.  She assured me that this one did, before stating "Oh wait I am holding it upside down!"

Totals for the night were 10.22 hours worked, 20 deliveries taken, $65 in tips, and 79 miles.  Definitely my best cash night at the new location and also my biggest # of deliveries!

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