Monday, July 21, 2014

Good Questions and a Bag of Coins

I had 2 interesting questions tonight.  One customer remarked on the $2.59 delivery charge and asked if I got that.  I do get about a buck (currently $1.25, depends on the price of gas) per delivery for mileage but pizza drivers did get mileage reimbursement before delivery charges, so the true answer is NO.  Customers still need to tip.

The other question, on the phone, was, would they get their order just as fast if they order online versus on the phone.  At our store the answer is yes.  In the early days of online, it wasn't seamless and it was faster to order over the phone.

I had a decent night tonight for my first 7 deliveries, then things went to crap.

1)  Customer (kid) hands me a wad of cash, says it was $18, the bill was $16.79.  I got back to the car and counted, it was only $16.  I decided since I had walked away, it probably wasn't worth my time to go back and argue for the extra buck.

2)  Next customer (2 kids) hands me a plastic box of $2 and a bunch of coins.  Mostly dimes, nickels, and pennies.  I sat on their porch and counted.  It was $12.59 (barely).  They blamed it on their parents not giving them any money.

3)  Customer #1 above had called back and got the wrong pizza.  I got to do a re-run for free.  At least I got a chance to ask for (and get) my $1 that he shorted me previously.

4)  Customer wasn't home.  Person who was home had no $.  Person gets on phone and calls customer, customer is walking down the block.  Customer pays $18.75 on a $18.59 order.

Total 4 deliveries, $0.37 in spare change.  Not even worthy to be called a tip.

Totals for the night:  6.25 hours, 11 runs, 61 miles, $20 in tips.

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