Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Computer Tickets

Tonight's gripe about the new computer system is about how the tickets are printed. The total price on the old tickets used to be printed in a larger font so that it stuck out and was more readable.

The new total price is small and hard to find. The words "Makin' It Great" and "Thank You" are each over twice the size as the price.

I had an order that I had just left for when I got called back as the manager had found another order that went with it as a double. Unfortunately it took 23 minutes from the phone call until I left the 2nd time, as the cook forgot to make the sandwich for the 2nd order.

Anyhow, sitting in the hot bag in my car all that time, the pizza was fine but the ticket became damp (from the steam from the pizza) and somewhat difficult to read. The result was that I asked for $30.26 instead of $36.26. I shorted myself $6.

It ended up ok though, I took 9 runs in 5 hours, drove 40 miles and made $28 in tips.

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