Monday, October 20, 2008

Employee Discounts and After Hours Calls

When I worked on Saturday, Sweetest Day, my wife got a pasta and I paid for it. We have a new policy that you can only get the employee 50% discount when you are working, which I was. So imagine my surprise when the manager on duty told me about the NEW new policy that there were no employee discounts, period. I paid full price for the pasta.

The next night we had a different manager. My wife picked up a cheese pizza for the kids and this time I got my discount. I'm planning to discuss it with the GM next chance I get.

Finally, last night about an hour after close, the phone rang. I answered it with my usual rhyme, "Thanks for calling our pizza place, this is Kevin, I'm sorry we close at eleven." The customer was bummed out and asked if I knew of anyplace that was open.

"Nope, sorry ... wait try DiGiorno." was my reply.

The guy actually asked for the number. I tried to say "Look it up in the book" without laughing but I couldn't.

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VictoriaL said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the delicious dinner! Cheese Trio Pasta is the bomb! YUM!!
If it's any consolation I took about 5 trips worth of salad bar and jammed it into the one container.