Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Night Football - Go Browns! (and Pizza)

Well soccer season is almost over. Both teams I coach have 1 game left and possibly the playoffs. More importantly, I don't have any games left to referee, so I'm back to delivering pizza a few nights each week.

The remodeling I discussed last week is well under way. We have a huge new walk-in cooler in the back. The old one that was jammed in the middle of the store has been removed. I think we're getting some chicken-wing-cooking equipment in that spot.

Anyhow, I drove tonight from 6-11. We had 3 drivers until 9 and 2 closers, in anticipation of being busy due to the Cleveland Browns hosting Monday Night Football. Unfortunately for me, sports events usually don't bring us much extra business and tonight was no different.

I drove for 5 hours, took just 8 deliveries, made $16 in tips, and drove 34 miles. Interestingly, I got tipped on 6 runs and stiffed on two. Both of the stiffs were to customers who were getting "free food", having a credit due to a complaint in the recent past. Surprise, surprise.

I worked with a new manager tonight, and he frustrated me right away, by assigning the first run after I got there to the last driver in, and then being too lazy to reassign it, just saying "we'll skip you next time through" which of course didn't happen.

But I didn't have any more issues with him after that so maybe he'll be ok. I also worked with a new driver. I asked him what he did before starting to work here and he replied, "I was married." He later told me that he and his ex-wife ran a day-care business. Also he is an accountant by trade, but seems to have worked in the food delivery business in the past.


Improvedliving said...
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Jessica Secret said...

The browns won that game vs the giants, which for me is good because I don't like the giants, so go browns!