Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interesting and Profitable

I had a great night tonight. It was actually a good night plus a very generous tip on a order to a co-worker.

Several interesting things happened tonight. First the lady on my first delivery asked if it was safe to give her credit card number over the phone, if the workers were trustworthy. All I could say was that I hoped so. But really any time you use your credit card you are trusting the merchant, so ordering pizza is really no different.

Next on my 4th delivery, a girl in her early 20's came to the door and apologized, her boyfriend with the money was across the street. She was on the phone with him to return. I joked that she shouldn't have let him have the money but she said it was his money.

On my 7th delivery, I knocked on the door and stood on the porch for about 5 minutes. I called the phone # but no answer. Just as I got back to my car I saw the curtain of the door move. I went back and 4 children, all under the age of 10, answered the door. Surprisingly they had a $2.73 tip!

My 10th delivery was messed up (pizza was made wrong) so that address became my 12th delivery also as I had to go back.

My 13th delivery said they didn't know we delivered. (They only lived a mile from the shop.) They said they would order from us from now on instead of (another pizza chain). She tipped $2 and asked if that was average. I said it was (but actually it was a little below average tonight.

My 14th delivery tried to give me $22 for a $27.10 order. He said he thought I said "twenty-seventeen". He ended up giving me $30 so no harm done.

My 16th delivery only a kid (junior high) was home with no money. His dad thought it was supposed to be a pick-up. I left and took another delivery and came back, and by that time dad was home, and with a $2 tip.

All in all I took 18 runs, drove 74 miles, worked 7 hours, and made $60 in tips.

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