Sunday, September 7, 2008

Slow Start, Fast Finish

Saturday night was an interesting night. From 6PM until 9PM I made barely $10 in tips on 6 deliveries. I was stiffed (exact change) twice and had to take a delivery out of the area on a road where the numbering was very confusing. There ended up being 3 different sections of the road.

One of the stiffs was after I asked for the credit card and the customer said their dad had it at their other house. We've been warned that we'll be fired if we don't get an imprint, but I called back and got permission to leave the food anyways. By this time the customer was frustrated and put a big ZERO on the tip line.

About that time a few other drivers started going home and at least I started getting a few more runs. Still after 9 deliveries I only had $15 in tips.

I took a double (my 10th & 11th runs) and made $9 in tips combined and my night turned around almost instantly. I did get stiffed 4 times in all but by the end of the night I had taken 17 deliveries, made $38 in tips, and drove 60 miles. I worked 7 hours all together.

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