Monday, September 29, 2008

Solo Monday

We were pretty slow tonight so the other driver got sent home around 7 PM. We ended up being steady to the end and I took 13 deliveries in 4.5 hours.

Most of them were far away, luckily I had a triple and 2 doubles but still I drove 64 miles.

Tips were low, I only had one $3 tip. Four tips were $2.70 and everything else was under $1.50, including 2 stiffs.

Many thanks to Mona and Nick for keeping the dishes washed while I was out on the road.

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Justin said...

I began delivering pizza for a semi-major chain yesterday, and I decided to look on the net for advice and anecdotes about being a delivery driver.

Your blog is pretty fantastic.

I did my first solo deliveries today, and pulled in $9 over 4 deliveries. The chain I work for pays me 1.50 in commission per delivery as well, so I came home with a decent amount of money for the four and a half hours I worked.

I'll definitely be reading.