Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Keep The Coins" Is NOT a Tip!

I drove about 4 1/2 hours tonight, and took 9 deliveries. On 4 of those 9 deliveries, the customer let me keep the coin change. Two of the four were very explicit in letting me know that they were "allowing me" to keep the coins. For example, the woman whose total was $18.27 handed me a $20 saying "Just give me a dollar back, keep the rest."

News flash: 73 cents is not a tip!

I did get lucky and get a $10 tip and 2 other $4 tips. The $10 guy seemed to have trouble counting his money. I saw a $10, a $5, and at least $4 in ones to cover the $17.61 check so when he asked "Was that enough?" I said "Yeah, thanks." It was only after I drove away that I noticed he actually gave me $28! Yeah, it was enough all right!

Total tips for my 9 deliveries was $27. I had 2 doubles and a triple so I only had 5 actual trips which kept my mileage to a very low 26 miles. I always say when you have more tips than miles you know it had to be a good night!

I closed with manager Nick and as we finished up and walked out to our cars we had a somewhat serious discussion about his future. Nick is a great kid I have known for almost 5 years now and I really enjoy working with him. I told him tonight I think he can do better for himself but selfishly I like having him around.

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VickyChristinaBarcelona said...

hmm what if you tip properly 3-6 dollars depending on amount and time it took, and had to tip in coins?