Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tips and Stiffs, both up

It seems like when I get tipped, the average has gone up from $2 to $3. But the frequency of "no tip" has also gone up.

I drove for 5 hours tonight, took 9 deliveries, drove 30 miles, and made $16 in tips. And I was stiffed 4 times.

Oh and I meant to post this about Monday. I mentioned a few weeks back that we now have a credit-card swiper and all drivers have been threatened with loss of job if we come back without a credit card imprint.

So anyhow I got to the house and they didn't have the card. And nobody told them they had to show it. Their dad had it and he wasn't home, he had just called in the order. I called back to the store and the manager said to give them their food.

Well the delay obviously frustrated the customer, and they didn't tip. Now maybe they wouldn't have anyways, but this is a case where the phone person's screw up (not letting the customer know they would have to present their credit card) cost me money.

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Clay Atlas said...

That's bullshit! You should demand a supplemental tip from your boss.