Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Most of the area schools were off today.  It was bitter cold (wind chill below zero) and I expected we would be busy, but we weren't too busy at all.  In fact I got sent home early!

I had 5 deliveries, 2 were interesting.  One was 2 pizzas, wings, and a 2-liter to a low-rent "weekly" style motel, the Journey Inn.  I had to chuckle when the guy said, "Thanks, now my lunch is taken care of for the week."  He did tip almost $3.

Other one was to the "Fraternal Order of Orioles", a private bar I had never even seen!  Bartender tipped me $5 on a $9.99 order.

Total 2 hours, 5 deliveries, 14 miles, $11 in tips.

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