Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow

Today was the first snow of the year.  Also the first day I wore my Santa hat, which usually puts customers in a cheerful mood and might get me an extra buck now and then..

If this is any sign as to what winter will be like, I can't wait for spring.

First off there was a horrible back-up on my way home from my other job.  It took me about 45 minutes to get the final 6 miles to my house to change.  I finally got to the pizzeria about 15 minutes late.

In the next 3.45 hours, I took 9 deliveries (not bad).  My tips are listed below:

$0 - twice
$1 - twice
$2 - three times
$3 - once
$4 - once

The $3 and $4 were on my last 2 deliveries.  For my first 7 runs I had only made $8.  On the night I only made $15 in tips, while driving 31 miles.

Manager Krystle sent me home a little early, there was still quite a stack of dishes to wash, but I didn't question her.

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