Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday Night Stories

Another great Friday night!  Especially with a dedicated dishwasher so that all I have to do is drive.  (And take out the trash at the end of the night).

First delivery of the night was unremarkable except that they tipped $8!

Second delivery was to the "dancer" from a few weeks ago.  He asked if $3 was a proper tip.  (For a $15 one-pizza order).  I said yes, unless the weather was really bad.

Fourth delivery yelled through the door, "You gotta tell me your name, I can't just open the door."  I replied, "Pizza guy, you called me!"  This is really one of my pet peeves.  If you order pizza, be ready!

Eleventh delivery was a rerun of a salad (that Joel forgot).  We also gave them a free order of breadsticks.

Seventeenth delivery made me wait, commented that it was cold, and didn't tip.

Twentieth delivery, the mom told "John John" (age 10) to "Give him back two dollars."  She also had about 10 bottles of booze sitting on the corner of the porch.

Twenty-second delivery, an older girl said, "Oh I like your Santa hat."  Mom in the background said, "Then give him a $5 tip."  This is proof that you can (rarely) increase your tip with some personality at the door.

All in all, I worked 6.03 hours, took 26 deliveries, drove 71 miles, made $73 in tips.

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