Monday, May 5, 2008

Tipping Article, Papa Johns 23-cent Deal

This article, originally from the LA Times, was in my local paper on Sunday. It describes how tips are down because of the economy. It doesn't mention pizza drivers specifically, but I can promise you we are feeling the hit.

Last week during the NBA playoffs, Papa Johns sponsored a t-shirt giveaway in Washington that featured Lebron James number 23 and the word crybaby. This Thursday, as an apology to Cleveland fans, Papa Johns in Cleveland will be offering 23 cent large 1-topping pizzas.

One has to wonder if it was a publicity stunt from the start to get some free press.

Selling pizzas for 23 cents is a losing proposition in the short term, for sure, but if those customers buy a 2nd pizza at full price, or breadsticks or some other side item, they may end out ahead.

I think the promotion is for pick-up only. I sure wouldn't want to be the delivery driver passing out 23 cent pizzas!

Read about the shirts and the apology in these links.

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