Sunday, May 4, 2008

Out Of Area (Again)

Last week I wrote about taking an order out of our delivery area. It happened again tonight. This one was a 10 mile round trip, or 2.5 times my normal trip average. They tipped $2 and the change on a $35.95 order. (Nick, since I know you're reading this, it was about a mile past Indian Hollow Road).

Also unique about this delivery was that the check was subdivided into 2 subtotals, for 2 separate paying customers at the same address. But one kid gave me all the money (and then the $2 tip).

I had a pretty crummy night, with 5 stiffs and 5 $1 tips out of 17 deliveries in all. If I didn't get a $6 tip on my final delivery (to the apartment complex next to my house), it would have been much worse! And the fact that I had 5 doubles helped keep my delivery count high and my mileage low.

A pleasant surprise was the return of Cori B as a driver. Cori was a driver / manager with us a couple years ago but overslept and missed a few manager meetings and lost her job. She later went to work for Marco's and has also worked at another pizza place, as well as several other jobs in the meantime. Now she's back as a part-time driver.

Totals for the night were 8 hours worked, 17 deliveries, 64 miles, and $33 in tips.

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