Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rude Or Not? You Decideext

I drove 5 hours tonight, travelled 41 miles, delivered 11 orders, and made $26 in tips.

My first order was to a woman actually named Queen. It was on her credit card and everything. It was only a $2 tip on a $50 order, but it was literally less than a block from the store so I guess it's ok.

Next was a surprise $5 tip. It was in a neighborhood where you don't expect much, but the woman said her son works for Marco's so she understands the importance of tips.

Not too much interesting until my final order, it was a circuitious triple (meaning I drove a long way) and anyhow at the final house, the customers asked my manager's name and said she was rude. I just said, well she's leaving soon anyhow (Good luck Amy at KFC!) so don't worry too much. When I got back to the shop I asked what happened on the phone. Here is the story.

We had 3 delivery orders in the system and I took them all. (It was about 45 minutes before close). No more orders were called in. Then one of the customers called and asked if their delivery was on it's way. Amy said yes it was.

The customer said, how do you know, you didn't even ask my name.

Amy replied that since all of the deliveries were on their way, she knew theirs was without asking.

Now I can see why the customer may feel slighted at first and want to be listened to, but Amy actually was telling the truth so I sure can't blame her for giving incorrect info.

Post in the comments whether you think this was rude, or not.


Pizza Girl said...

I don't think Amy was rude though customers do like to be coddled and listened to. Sounds like the customer was looking to pick a fight anyway.

Rachelle said...

Yeah, Amy wasn't rude, just a little aloof. Customers want to know that you are giving their order top priority so by simply asking for the name before giving that answer, she would have done wonders for that customer's troubled soul.