Monday, July 20, 2009

Late Start

One of the hazards of delivering pizza as a 2nd job is that your schedule sometimes depends on your day job, and occasionally you miss the best hours. This happened to me today, shortly before I was ready to leave my IT job, my boss gave me a task to do. It was simple enough but it took a chunk of time.

I called the pizza shop, found the first guy to leave, and asked him to stay for me until 8. I would have been getting in around 6.

Well even with my short 3 hour shift, I took 6 runs and made $14 in tips. I can't recall my mileage at the moment but let's say 20 miles.

First run was supposed to be Jimmy's but a while back Jimmy "threw the guy through a window, and it would have been awkward." The guy tipped me just $1, I see why Jimmy gave him a beating.

Last run was a credit card but the customer didn't have the card, his sister had bought him the food. He said I could call her and confirm. How silly! If it's a scam or a stolen card, how hard would it be to get someone to answer a phone and say "Yes he has permission to sign for my card" ?

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KevinL said...

Checked the odometer and I drove 25 miles on Monday night.