Monday, July 13, 2009

I'll Take The Credit

I had a little credit-card streak tonight, 4 ordere in a row and 5 out of 6. And they all tipped on the card, which was pretty cool.

The not cool thing tonight was all the trouble I had with addresses & phone numbers.

1) I went to 822 East Whatever Street, only to find no house. I called the customer and found out that they live at 822 West Whatever Street.

This customer then came to her window, not her door. That was kind of strange.

2) Another customer didn't answer their door nor their phone when I tried to call, multiple times. I finally gave up and came back to the store. She eventually called back, saying she thought her boyfriend was outside and would get the pizza. Surprisingly she tipped me $2.

3) My last order of the night, fellow driver Jimmy said their apartment had no buzzer so I would have to call. Well their number was 452-xxxx but it was typed 492-xxxx on the receipt. So calling did me no good.

Then I had to wait while they looked for the "lost" money that the guy swore he "just had.

Meanwhile they had their Wii Bowling game paused. I commented that the guy's arm must be getting sore and they had better find the money soon. One guy on the couch laughed.

Eventually they did find the money, and even enough extra to leave me a $1.50 tip. Thanks guys!

Totals for the night were 5 hours, 12 deliveries, $27 in tips, and 35 miles driven. That's a very low mileage for that many runs. My 2nd delivery was very far away but after that they were almost all close to the store!

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