Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not A Dream Delivery

Ask any pizza guy about his ideal delivery, and here is what he will NOT say:
  • Delivery to a motel on the other side of town
  • Check is only $12.72
  • Middle aged man answers the door in his pajamas
  • Guy pays with exact change

But yes, that was my 6th delivery tonight. Luckily I had made $20 in my first 3 hours on just 5 deliveries so I was able to laugh it off.

And the next guy tried to stiff me but he miscounted his wadded up money and gave me an extra buck!

Final delivery was (a sandwich) to a Hungry Howies driver who used to work with Manager Desiree.

Totals were 8 deliveries, $25, 43 miles, and 5 1/2 hours. The mileage was kind of high due to all singles and 5 of the 8 being quite far away.


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Sailendu said...


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