Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Stiffs!

Tonight was a pretty good night. I drove 5 hours (6-11) and worked another 1.5 hours doing dishes and clean-up afterwards. This is because we had just 2 drivers all night long.

I took 14 runs, made $39 in tips, and drove 59 miles.

First was a double that included Colonial Oaks, a large trailer park. Made $5.50.

Next a single run of $38, made $2.

Next a triple, again ending up in Colonial Oaks. First delivery on my way tipped just $1 (smallest tip of the night) and he was a regular customer who usually tips $2-3. Made $5.50 on the triple.

Next another triple with Colonial Oaks in the middle and ending up in Grafton, the next town over about 7 miles away. Made $10 on the triple, including $4 from my little old lady / sports fan in the trailer park, and $4 in Grafton. It was a street that was far from the main drag and I commented that in 5 years I had never been there. The guy said that most people can live in Grafton for 20 years and not know the street is there.

Next were 2 singles where I made about $2 each, one to a house with a "DAY SLEEPER" sign where the woman apologized for me driving that far for just 30 wings.

Finally another triple for $10.75.

The amazing thing was that even with 3 triples I still averaged over 4 miles per run!

I didn't eat any pizza (even though Talisa made a delicious looking one) but I did eat some boneless wings. They are protein but probably not as lean as I should be having.

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