Friday, June 12, 2009

Five Years

Tonight was my 5 year anniversary of starting my job delivering pizzas! I drove 5 hours, took 11 deliveries, made $28, and drove 39 miles.

The highlight (or lowlight) of my night was a delivery I didn't get to make. Supposed to be at the hospital, maternity ward room 129. Well the maternity ward is on the 3rd floor. They don't have a room 129.

The nurses walked their halls and checked each room but nobody ordered pizzas. I called back to the shop and told them I was on my way back.

Manager decided it was probably a prank.

First, he didn't get the customer's phone # so that we could call, he entered our own store phone number. Why, I'll never know. Next, he returned me before I got back, so he was short $44 in his drawer. He voided several other orders to make up the difference so no big deal, but it frustrates me to no end the silly games people play to pretend their on-times look better than they are.

Of the 10 runs I did get to deliver, 4 tipped between $1 and $2, 5 tipped between $3 and $3.75, and one tipped $5.

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Pizza Girl said...

Congratulations on your 5 years! I know what you mean about the silly games managers play with dispatch to get better stats. My pet peeve is taking deliveries under someone else's name just so that they can have deliveries checked out before there is even a driver in the store.