Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Wrong Side Of Town (Ain't So Bad)

I worked 5 hours driving (plus another cleaning up) and took 10 deliveries tonight (including 3 doubles). Nine of the 10 deliveries were in historically "low-tipping" areas. For those that know the neighborhoods, 6 were in the Lake / Furnace area and 3 were in the East/Middle/West area.

Thanks mainly to a $5 tip on Lake and several $3 tips (including one Codi told her friend on Foster that he had to give) I ended up with $22, not a bad Wednesday shift. I drove 39 miles (thanks to the doubles).

Cleanup took a while as Chris was gone from about 10:15 - 11 on just one delivery, to a customer who unfortunately still doesn't know their own address, and thus is still hungry.


eduardomoraquero said...

hey guys I have been delivering Pizzas for a abour two weeks and I've learn a ton about my city (sacramento) however there's something bugging me. I feel that I am being under paid. I get paid 3 dollars for each delivery plus 8 dollars and hours n of course tips. Is 8 bucks per hour ok? by the way 8 bucks per hour its the minimun wage in california email me at thanks

Mark said...

This site is awesome! I'll be visiting very often! I've been a part time driver for about 8 years now. I've shared the frustrations that everyone else here does. Pizza delivery drivers DO deserve the money they make and probably more! Why do you think the IRS hasn't gone after drivers for their tips? It's because IT WOULDN'T BE WORTH IT!!! If drivers had to claim their mileage and tips, they could also WRITE OFF mileage at the federal rate which is around 60 cents per mile at this time (most drivers barely clear that) They could also write off maintenance and other repairs. Like I said, there's a reason the IRS isn't chasing down delivery just wouldn't be yes, we do deserve every penny! Please add me on myspace!

Pizzadude said...

Eduardo, I'm down the street from you in Modesto. We get $8.16 after a year. Which is pretty good because I have delivered for 2 other places and they refuse to pay more than minimum no matter how long you work there. Just be glad you get $3/delivery. Most places only give a $1 or $2 at the most.