Saturday, March 21, 2009

NCAA Day 2 Update

Yesterday we had 6 teams with only 2 wrong. Today there were many more upsets and there are now just 2 teams tied for first in the standings, at 25 out of 32 correct. Almost everybody is still alive, 13 of us have 21 or more correct.

My father-in-law is trailing with just 17 but he does have his whole final 4 still alive including Gonzaga.

My son Luke is tied for 1st with JW, but JW has lost pretty much his entire Midwest bracket, as he had Wake Forest and West Virginia in the elite eight and both are out.

It was a frustrating night for me. I did get to watch the late games but our Cleveland TV station showed Ohio State vs Sienna. Now this was a great game, down to the wire, but I'd have rather watched Cleveland State knock off Wake Forset.


Lalchand Khatri said...

It was frustrating night for all not only you
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Keith said...

you should've turned to WUAB...they carried CSU.

Zorlod said...

It was annoying because they kept switching to the Wisconsin game...I realize both were close and down to the wire..but too much switching!!!