Monday, March 30, 2009

On Time Pizza Surprise

On my first delivery tonight, the woman answered the door saying, "This is the first time ever the pizza has been on time."

To which I replied, "It must be the first time you've had me deliver it."

She paid and tipped $1. Then she said, "Seriously, it's been late like 4 times in a row." And I replied, "Well I'm glad we got it right this time."

But seriously, lady, $1? If I get the chance to take somebody else their food before hers next time, I won't hesitate.

My night started out pretty awful, at 5 deliveries I had only collected about $3.50 in tips. We have a new policy that drivers are supposed to declare $1.50 in tips per hour. Well the law says that I have to report all of my tips (if I collect at least $20 in tips in a month).

I have always reported all of my tips, which is generally way over $1.50 per hour. But every so often I have a crummy night and we are really slow. Like tonight, at the 3 hour mark I only had the $3.50. And I refuse to lie and inflate my tips above what they actually are.

Luckily for me, my last 2 deliveries of the night each tipped $5 and put me well over the $1.50 per hour rate.

My totals for the night were 5 hours of driving, 9 deliveries, 37 miles, and $18 in tips.


Pizzadude said...

I know bro. I had a delivery Sunday night. I had it there in 15 minutes. 15!! After the lady said "Wow, we've never had a delivery that fast before" she handed be a check for exact change. They'll never have one that fast again. Be lucky if they get it in less than an hour next time.

Pizzadude said...

sorry "me" not be

Laura said...

$1??? Was she elderly? I tip my Sonic car hop more than that on a full order!