Monday, December 15, 2008

True Crime Reports

Crime Doesn't Pay:

These guys got sentenced to 5 years for robbing 2 pizza delivery guys in Akron back in February. Apparently they ordered the pizzas delivered to their own house. I hope the police figured that one out pretty quickly!

Who Would Steal A Bag Of Clothes?

Apparently the guys in this story. Back in August, a female pizza driver from Youngstown was robbed in a set-up. The guy on the porch told her to come to him (she should have took off right then). They met partway up the drive, where she was punched and then 2 other guys, 1 with a gun, jumped out of the darkness.

They stole the food, the money, and a bag of clothes from her car.

Dayton Pizza Shops Cooperate

... but not soon enough.

This story describes how a pizza guy was robbed on a set-up in Dayton. Afterwards he called some other pizza shops to warn them, and one of them had already had an order from the number and had tried (unsuccessfully) to deliver it.

Who Let The Dog Out?

Here is a story about another pizza delivery robbery (at gunpoint) in Cuyahoga county last month. Luckly their police force had a K9 unit who was able to track down and apprehend the suspects.

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