Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crime - What Are The Chances

According to this list, there are 23 Pizza Huts operated by Midland Food Services in Cuyahoga County. Hallrich also owns 1 in Cuyahoga County and 7 in Lorain County. So that is a total of 31 restaurants.

I am aware of 3 armed robberies or attempts, just against Pizza Hut, in the past 4 weeks.

Of those 3, 2 seem to be set-ups where the driver was sent to an address that did not order pizza. The perpetrators then would confront the driver at that time.

The other 1 happened after the driver had delivered the pizza to the customer, so it seems to be more by chance. The attacker saw the driver (or his car) and decided to rob him at that time.

According to a survey done by APDD, "January had twice the number of robberies as any other month. The spike happened in January. The pattern repeated during the 3 years that APDD kept track. That's not to say that December wasn't busy. It was the number two highest month for crime. December had 1.5 robberies per day as reported in the online news."

"Out of all the robberies, 2/3 were setups. 1/3 were crimes of opportunity created by the cartopper."

Note that in my small sample size, it corresponds with the national data. That is, 2 of 3 were set-ups and 1 was not.

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