Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today was my birthday. My wife surprised me by bringing a batch of cupcakes up to the pizza shop for my coworkers and I. But an even better present was driver Todd calling off.

I took 16 deliveries in 5 hours, drove 66 miles, and made $42 in tips. That is a very good night for a Monday. We were especially busy when I first arrived. Two of my first 4 deliveries were over an hour late and didn't tip at all. Now maybe they wouldn't have tipped anyways, but the lateness sure didn't help.

I do owe a thanks to Manager-In-Training Joanna and also to Mona for keeping up with the dishes all night while I was out on the road. And Manager Mike made sure that drivers Nate and Chris finished the dough prep before they left. So most of my time was indeed spent driving (and delivering).

I did have one minor issue tonight that may become a major issue. We have new lighted (rechargable) car-toppers and Mike told me to put one on my car. Normally I enjoy using a car-topper as I appreciate the extra business. But with the number of armed robberies in our area recently and the pizza driver getting shot in Cleveland over the weekend, I don't feel safe using the car-topper so I refused.

I told Mike that he could send me home or even fire me if he felt he had to. He said our District Manager Jim might be by and that he might fire me. At this point I don't need this job badly enough to risk my safety so I won't be wearing a car topper until after the Christmas holiday cime spree is over.

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