Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama - "Shares The Wealth"

I heard this on the radio the other day. I'm sure it's not true but it's an illustration and it explains why I am voting for John McCain on Tuesday.

A businessman is walking into a restaurant. On his way in he passes a homeless man wearing an Obama t-shirt, asking for money. The businessman takes note but walks on past.

While eating, he notices his waitress "Wanda" is wearing an Obama button under her nametag.

When he finished eating, he paid the bill but left no tip. He then gave $10, the amount he would have tipped, to the beggar outside. The waitress, upset at seeing no tip, followed the man outside and confronted him.

"I worked for the tip, why are you giving it to him?" she asked the businessman.

"I noticed you both were Obama supporters so I figured you would want me to share the wealth," the businessman explained.

Obama's tax policy, while not quite full-blown socialism, takes from those who work and earn, like Joe the Plumber and Wanda the Waitress, and "redistributes" to those who do not.


Texizboy said...

I'm glad you participated in the voting process, John McCain is a great man and a hero to America. But it's very saddening that you could not do your own research in to the issues and not going with the Fox news narrative. I am a Barack Obama supporter. I make between 50k - 60k a year working for a financial company where people are making well over 250k up to millions a year. I don't begrudge them their wealth at all, but to believe that they "work" for their money would be stretching the truth in a major way. It's easy to distort this issue in to one of taking someone's money to give to someone else, but it's a lot more complex than what the average American is willing to take the time to understand and with some of the best advertising people in the world on the side of corporate America, you better believe the know how to frame this for you to like it.
Do you know what it means to incorporate a business? What it essentially does is take a company and turns it in to a living breathing and most importantly being that never dies. Now imagine the court cases, the arguments you could win if you could never die. You could wait it out indefinitely. This is what corporations do to people like you and I. When they wrong us knowingly, they laugh and tie the case up in court for years. Who is losing in all of this mortgage market financial mess? The CEO's of those companies that caused it? The administration that has sat around and allowed it? The real estate agents who encouraged people to buy past their means? The loan officers who approved the loans? The appraisers who appraised the houses for more than they were worth? It's none of those people, they've got their money and they are gone. They will be just fine while people like you and myself struggle. I'm sure you also stand on the side of law and order and feel like when a crime is committed there should be some punishment and restitution, right? Well then would you say all these people need to pay back that money?
Sure it's not just their faults, the fools that ran out and bought homes they couldn't afford because someone told them they could are as much to blame. But let me ask you this: How much do you know of the home buying process and loan process? Would you say you were an expert? If so ignore the rest of this. My guess is though, if you were an expert at that line of work you wouldn't be delivering pizzas. So what does a person do in that situation? Hires an expert? Perhaps a realtor? And maybe you would ask an "expert" for some advice on what you should do. Now tell me does that really seem that stupid?
Election is over. Time to move on. I hope you will give BHO a chance to show you how things can be in a country when the government works for everyone and not just the 5% of the country that's making over 250k a year. You will do better under BHO than you ever would have done under someone that believes trickle down economics works. One last question. How is trickle down economics which states that by reducing taxes on the ultra-rich and allowing them to grace the lesser fortunate with their largess different from saying poor people should wait around till rich people want to help them out.
Take care sir. Keep the blog up, I do like to see how things are going with you. I hope gas going down and people eating cheaper(pizza instead of Applebees) makes things better for you.

KevinL said...

Wow Tex, you don't really know me. I don't use anybody's "narrative", in fact I read Obama's book, "The Audacity Of Hope", way back in April when it became apparent he was the likely Democratic nominee.